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We seek talented artists with a drive to succeed. We represent artists of all mediums, film & tv crew. We specialize in discovering your niche, developing and marketing your individuality and honing your skills, then guide you into the right opportunities to advance your career. 


The Oklahoma Film Industry is the fastest growing in the country. More than 30 films were produced in Oklahoma during the 2020 Covid Pandemic year, or eighty percent of all movies made in 2020, in addition to hundreds of commercials, industrials, print and voiceover ads. Additionally, we represent artists and crew worldwide.


You are ready for representation ONLY if you meet the following requirements:

  • You have education or professional experience in your craft.

  • Actors have professional headshots, a resume, and preferably a reel.

  • Voiceover Artists have professionally produced demos.

  • Models have a portfolio or comp cards and resume.

  • Musicians have an EPK, demo tape and/or videos of live performances.

  • Artists have a portfolio, website, and prepared exhibition works.

- OR -

You have been approached by one of our agents, or are responding to a

casting call. Please complete the submission form and we will be in touch soon! 

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