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Art department team

Melissa Rigby Woods and Jere Sallee frequently rotate positions based on the project. If Melissa is hired as Production Designer, Jere will perform another Art Department role and vice-versa. Their expertise includes positions as production designer, art director, set design, decorator and builder, prop master, prop artisan.


Jere Sallee has been working in film since 2005. He started as a PA and over the years he has worked his way up to Production Designer. He has designed feature length films, commercials and historical reenactments. Jere enjoys bringing a sense of realism to all his sets so the audience can get immersed in a believable world. With budget always in mind, Jere works with his Directors and Producers to always get the best possible look through communication and imaginative thinking. Problem solving is never a problem.


Melissa Woods is a proud member of the Art Directors Guild and is focused on sustainable production practices and visual storytelling. Melissa moved to Los Angeles in 2016, after completing her MFA in Scenic Design from The University of Arizona. She prides herself on creating realistically detailed worlds that reflect untold/offscreen moments in character's lives. Using visual metaphors, she works with directors and other department heads to provide the most immersive world possible on any variety of budgets. 

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