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OPEN CALL:10th Annual Meals for Monologues Announced

Freihofer Casting, Oklahoma's leading casting office for feature films, commercials and television, is holding its 10th Annual Meals for Monologues Open Call, but this year it will have a few changes. This year, it will all be online. Freihofer Casting typically opens its doors to whomever wishes to come in and perform at a festive, all day event. Actors are invited to perform a scene or monologue of up to two minutes, in front of the entire casting team at Freihofer Casting, in exchange for two non-perishable food or sundry items. The casting office has used the opportunity to find new faces as well as see familiar actors in a new or different light. This year, due to Covid-19, Freihofer Casting's 10th Annual Meals for Monologues has been redesigned. Now actors from anywhere in the world can make a small donation to one of the office's favorite local charities, and then upload a two-minute scene or monologue to the casting office's Dropbox. If actors have representation, they can upload to a link that will be shared among the three members of the Freihofer Casting office. If actors are seeking representation, a separate Dropbox has been created, allowing the casting team to not only view the videos, but also share them with local and regional agents looking to expand their rosters. "This is a fantastic opportunity to not only be seen by our casting office, for consideration for future projects, but also by agents, if you need one," said casting director Chris Freihofer. "There is no other event in Oklahoma like it." Freihofer said the videos will be seen by not only himself, but by casting associate Jenn Rader and casting assistant Tori Hartley. "Every video will be seen," he said, "as long as the follow the guidelines for submission." Though it is not required in order to upload a video, Freihofer has suggested four local charities to which actors can make a small donation. "Just pick one of the four, if you can, and throw them a couple bucks. Seriously, two dollars. Five if you can. Ten is great. Twenty if you are feeling super generous. But charities are falling on hard times this year, and if enough people can give even two dollars, these fine organizations can go about their business and get through the holidays," Freihofer said. All charities are location in Norman, OK, home of Freihofer Casting. The four suggested organizations are: Bridges - Empowering high school students who live alone to finish their education, providing food, supplies and even housing. Food & Shelter - Providing food, shelter, housing and hope to those who have lost theirs. Second Chance Animal Sanctuary - All animals available for adoption from this agency have been rescued from euthanasia from the Oklahoma Animal Shelters. Because every animal deserves a second chance. Women's Resource Center - We believe women have the right to live in safety, to be treated with dignity, to make choices, and to hope.

The deadline to upload videos for Meals for Monologues is December 11, 2020.

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