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Beth Stein, Agent - Q's & A's - Invaluable Advice for ALL mediums

Please see the Instagram Q & A Session posted by Beth on her IGTV account.

One person who inspires me is Beth Stein, Agent in Los Angeles. She reminds me of myself in many ways, and she encourages me with almost every sentence she utters. I'd like for the talent that I represent to specifically check out the video above - it's 30 minutes, so settle in with your coffee and blanket because: pandemic!


Do the Work! Work on improving your craft every day, whether it be writing, acting, music, painting, photography, production design, etc. She wants to represent talent who are working on their craft, as do I. I have taken on new talent with ZERO knowledge of the entertainment industry because I can tell that they want it and they will work for it.

  • Save up $75 to take a one hour class with Michelle De Long of Actors Casting and Talent Services, or if you have the resources and schedule flexibility to take weekly classes, sign up for her group classes, or classes with

  • Chris Freihofer (Fry-hoffer) at The Actor Factory.

  • Ask me for book recommendations on Acting, Auditioning, Monologues, you name it. Google and do your research, find your own books.

  • Search for the Instagram accounts of Casting Directors such as Ricki Maslar, Michelle De Long, Chris Freihofer, Carmen Cuba, Amy Berman, follow agents such as Beth Stein. Watch their videos and read their posts.

  • Read, study, rehearse, every day!

She offers advice in all areas in this video. Be sure to watch it and follow her on IG!

Beth Stein Q & A Session


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